Category: Gig Snaps

June 11 / Gig Snaps

It’s always a pleasure to see this guy perform. Nick Harper performing at The Voodoo Rooms last Saturday.

June 1 / Gig Snaps

Gecko 3 performing at the Jazz Bar last Saturday.

May 21 / Gig Snaps

I had the pleasure of shooting Mike’s Improv Masterclass with the Ka-Tet and members of the Tinderbox Youth Orchestra. Fascinating to watch, amazing to see the guys pick up the concepts so quickly and start…

May 16 / Gig Snaps

On Portabello Beach shooting Chess for Mike Kearney, great fun, apart from the sand storms and gale force winds!

May 5 / Gig Snaps

I’ve only managed to catch these guys a couple of times but love their energy and passion. Check them out at various bars throughout Edinburgh!

March 25 / Gig Snaps

Nice to see these guys performing again. Would be nice to see ten in a bigger (better lit!) venue though.